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Spontaneous Drawing

What is "Spontaneous drawing"? As the name implies, it is drawing without a layout or sketches. It is direct! It is drawing from the mind's eye, before thought has a chance to interfere with the flow of the marks on the page, one line flowing with another to create a new impression of what the drawing may reveal. The choice of where to place the next mark is instinctive in the beginning, "spontaneous", and as the drawing progresses, shapes suggest images and thought brings structure from memory to the page. The Artist may use any style, Abstract, Impressionist, Realistic, etc.,to accomplish this work. Drawing directly from the mind's eye is the main principle in this technique, to allow the work to reveal a vision never seen before, perhaps bringing inspiration and beauty for others to experience that may have an effect on their lives. The blank page is the Artist's crystal ball.

The above drawings were made using this method; I start with a blank piece of rag paper approximately (8" x 10"), a number two rapidograph pen with a diamond tip filled with permanent black ink. I clear my mind of all thoughts and let the flow of the black ink on the white page lead me to the next line. As the drawing progresses, many different ideas and symbols from my past experience become present in my mind as possibilities for what the drawing may represent, but the "Drawing" must reveal the final vision. Feelings and emotions fuel the process. Artistic considerations, like the composition of the page, the balance of black and white, deeper spiritual suggestions from the subconscious mind, intuitively flow together until the drawing presents its identity. At this point, one's responsibility as an artist is to know when the work is completed; for me it's usually when another mark cannot be made without loosing that identity. I become aware of the vision and begin to learn from it. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

Over the years I have made over three thousand such drawings and have saved in my personal collection, only the drawings that have a special beauty and spiritual meaning for me. Some of the drawings found their way into other projects, such as collages, (the drawing above called, "Artist Magic", is a collage of other pen drawings that were cut into shapes and pasted together to make the new drawing), some are used as ideas for larger paintings and others pay the rent. This method of drawing is very enjoyable to my spirit, enlightens my mind, and has increased my skills on many different levels. Black ink, with no chance of erasure, has a permanence on a white page, that commits the artist to " make it work", imparting knowledge about divine accident. I highly recommend this practice for anyone who is interested in an action of drawing that stimulates an inner spiritual vision and enhances the creative process. The more drawings you make, the more you want to make them, it's like being in love!

Joy to All !


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