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Art represents itself.

A person or persons react with a work of Art in some way and receive an effect, which can change their lives and in some cases, may last a lifetime. This is a wonderful mystery 0f Art, a mystery that has been with humanity since the first mark was made. Magic,deep in a cave beauty and mystery, the "stuff" of Art, the effect of experience.

Experience brings impressions (the fuel of expression); expression is a motivating force of the creative process. I use drawing and painting as a tool for artistic expression. This process allows me to investigate different levels of truth within my experience and reality; the resulting work has energy of its own, an energy that effects my future paintings and my ideas about life. It is an experience that comes with each new painting and teaches me more about the mystery of Art. I enjoy using acrylics and watercolor as a media because of the great versatility of techniques they offer. One of their major factors is that they are water-soluble and dry rapidly. This allows me to add layers to the work in a faster manner and build on the ideas the action of painting is bringing to my mind. Acrylic paint can be made to relate to opaque watercolors or gouache and have a flat opaque appearance, much like the Egyptian paintings, Persian miniatures, Tibetan Thankas or early medieval illuminations. In my paintings, the outline is created with flat colored shapes grouped together to give the illusion of space, dimension and movement. The paintings are born and developed in this manner.

My Art represents itself; I attempt each completed work to be, a Haiku of my experience, a crystal truth of my expression and a pure action from my spiritual source. I hope viewing it has a positive effect on you and that the images stimulate your creative center. If you please, look in my other Galleries for more acrylic paintings and drawings; also view the information page for watercolor & drawing techniques, impressionistic poetry and creative ideas from many different sources. Thank you for your visit and please return to see new work as it becomes manifest in this reality.

The landscape of the mind is always growing and changing in this wonderful life.


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